Built to last for decades...

SEGASit is the leading manufacturer of fixed seating furniture in Turkey. She designs and produces top-quality Cinema, Auditorium, Theater, Conference, Congress, Corporate, Public, Performing Arts, and Education seating. 
She has produced over 135.000 units for a total of 350 projects in Turkey and over 28.000 units fix seating for a total of 45 projects overseas since 2010

Our manufacturing plant which has a 5,400 m2 closed area is located in Bursa which is Turkey's most important industrial region.

SEGASit seats are being produced with cutting-edge technologies and techniques... 
SEGASit is specialized in offering seating solutions for public use projects by highly valuing design and innovation.
The company focuses on comfort, aesthetics, durability, test results, and cost by incorporating the latest technology in terms of materials and construction methods.
We manufacture world-class products that are well designed, engineered, and priced competitively.
An innovator by research and development...
SEGASit has built up its own design expertise to develop highly space-efficient seating systems, engineered for ease of installation, economical maintenance, and adaptability to different venues.
The company's qualified engineers respond rapidly to architects' and designers' layouts and technical data.
Always meets your needs...
  • Offers a vast variety to meet virtually every seating requirement.
  • Within each range, there are alternatives to suit your budget.
  • Every range offers a choice of color and finishes to suit the proposed décor.
  • Offers specialist advice to assist with all your seating requirements.
  • Manufactures world-class product that is well designed, well-engineered, and competitively priced
Our Mission
  • exceed customer expectations
  • live by design
  • inspire a happy team
Our Vision
to be the world's preferred seating company