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auditorium seating CELO-WT| W-BSW

Auditorium Seating, Conference Seating,
W-BSW Auditorium Chairs

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  • Auditorium Seating for Auditorium and Theater Halls, Conference and Congress Centers, Corporate and Public Building Halls, Performing Arts Centers
  • Back and seat units are upholstered
  • With armrest
  • Folding seat

CELO-WT | W-BSW Auditorium, Conference Chairs

  • (WT). Equipped with an anti-panic varnished Beech plywood veneer writing tablet
  • (W). The lateral feet are varnished wooden veneer boxes. 
  • (BSW). Both backrest and seat padding are supported by an varnished Beech plywood veneer cover.
  • Center-to-center dimension: 57 cm. 
  • The actual minimum space for user is 49 cm which provides a high degree of comfort.
  • Both backrest and seat padding are produced with polyurethane foam technology.
  • The seat folds automatically by inside weight balance system when the seats are not occupied. The system is extremely quiet.
  • The lateral feet are made of MDF varnished wooden veneer boxes.


  • Prime Minister Building Auditorium Hall-Ramallah Palestine
  • Model of Seat: CELO-WT Auditorium, Theater Seating
  • Year of development: 2019
  • Number of Seats: 88 
  • Segments: Auditorium, Conference, Corporate and Public Seating