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Equipped with an Anti-panic Writing Tablet
ROYAL-WT | F SeriesRETRO-WT | F SeriesRETRO-WT | W SeriesCELO-WT | W SeriesAQUA LW-WT | F Series
DESTO | F Series PERA | Series NERO Round SeriesNERO Line SeriesVENTO Series

ASTRA Series AQUA SeriesMIRA SeriesFLEX Series

Equipped with an Writing Tablet
HERA SeriesMETRO SeriesPERGE Series

SEGASit’s conference room and auditorium chairs have an ergonomic design that not only integrates into the environment of the space in which it is located but also fits perfectly to the position of the person occupying the seat.


When we talk about SEGASit’s auditorium seats, we are referring to comfortable seats for multifunctional spaces and congresses, where the user can enjoy a great moment.

Our seats are designed to take care of the well-being of people thanks to a stable seat recovery and a plus of robustness consequence of its compact structure.

Audit, our program of auditorium seating is perfectly adapted to the needs of any room. These models are designed by our R&D department designers.

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